Baby Massage & Exercise

From improved sleep to a better bond, baby massage has so much to offer baby and caregiver.



Hatsue Bailey, LMT

Infant Massage Therapy Instructor

State of Hawaii licensed massage therapist since 2017. While she practices Shiatsu, sports massage, functional cupping, and laser therapy locally in Oahu, she provides baby massage classes online to moms...


Baby Massage Classes in Private, in a Group, or Online


Private or Group Classes

If your baby is available only in very specific time, having a private class is the way to go. The group class can be the best option if you want to learn with your friends. Feel free to contact us.

Online Classes

Learn how to massage your baby at comfort of your own home. We offer the baby massage and exercise classes regularly.


Parents Recommend

Oahu Mom

"I learned a lot. Thank you!"

Mom Erina

"I loved how she used the doll to teach. It was so easy to follow. I am massaging my baby everyday now."

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Helpful Tips When Massaging Babies