Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Hatsue Bailey, LMT

Infant Massage Therapy Instructor

I am a State of Hawaii licensed massage therapist and also Infant Massage Therapy Instructor. While I practice Shiatsu, sports massage, functional cupping, and laser therapy locally in Oahu, I provide baby massage classes online to mothers all over the world and teach the amazing power of touch.

My background as a marine biologist helps me to understand the importance of science and evidence based practice.

When not working, I enjoy surfing, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends.


All About Babies' Healthy Development and Well Being

I believe in the power of touch.


Proper skin-to-skin contacts bring amazing positive effects to our psychological and physiological wellness. Especially for infants, the skin-to-skin contacts they receive during the first year of their lives are so crucial that it can impact their brain development permanently. Being touched in loving way can help babies grow stronger and improve their health.


Baby massage is a great way to increase the skin-to-skin contacts. It has many benefits psychologically and physiologically not only to babies but also to parents/givers.

Happy Baby